Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Message From Hilarion


Dearest Ones,

I am here to give you a blessing as you move through the very new vibrations that are pummeling the Earth.  The blessing is for your bodies and souls.

Dearest Ones, I give you strength to move through the challenges that will appear before you as the light energies rile up the conflicting forces that are gathered on the Earth.  These forces are religions and political stands.  They are the old energies.  Let them hold no sway for you.  It is your time to move forward to find that place in your soul that needs to be in service, not to some god called government; nor to a belief system that started over one thousand years ago by your reckoning.  It is to the greater consciousness and to the Universe that now needs your service.  It is about honoring the soul language of all things.  I give you moments of peace to work through all of this.  I give you hope that all beings are on the same time line so that this surge of energy is over quickly.  I give you gentleness, or at least the ability to be gentle with your self and others.  This I have been guided by the One Universe to give to you.  May all be well. Blessings.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Angels Speak of Simply Asking


The Angels remind us that anything that we want (that harms no one) is available to us just by asking.  What would you have?  Ask!  Find that it comes to you in perfect timing.  Remember that your timing is not the perfect timing used by the Universe.  And, remember that if you ask for something that harms another, even if it is carelessly asked for, the ASK will not be granted. 

Yes, there are rules; yet not many of them. What makes your heart sing?  What makes your soul soar?  What would lift you up if you could have it?

Find a quiet place and then stop and ask.  The Angels will hear.


The Angels

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finding Your Way

Dearest Ones,

There will be many of you who feel angry or agitated as the energies shift on the planet and the comfortable energy that you were used to is disappearing.  The new energy is for the best because it shakes up your cellular memory so that you again feel the BEING that you are, not who you were.

As challenging as it may seem, trust that each experience that you encounter through the spring equinox and into the summer, is about you getting a chance to undo your past contracts.  Many ask about contracts.  Really, a contract is any time you have said, “I will do this, if you will do that!” 

It might be around healing someone that you love, or shifting from a bad environment, or any number of things.  You have all made these contracts and every time that you do, you give away a bit of your self.  Now is the time to find those bits and bring them home.

Peace and light!

Archangel Michael

Angels Speak - Let Your Actions Be Loud